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Department of Mathematics

25th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2022):
12-16 September 2022, Bayreuth, Germany

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Date News
02.09.2022 More Information on the Venue
15.08.2022 Closed Online Registration after 31 August
09.08.2022 Recommended Video Upload for Remote Speakers
02.08.2022 Availability of Excursion Tickets No Longer Assured after 31 August
28.07.2022 Technical Programme
30.06.2022 Programme Structure
24.06.2022 Speaker Information
13.06.2022 Mini-Courses
03.06.2022 Temorarily Unavailable Registration
30.05.2022 Opening of the Registration
30.05.2022 Information on the Pre-Conference Workshop Dedicated to Arjan Van Der Schaft’s Retirement
(11 September 2022)
07.04.2022 Information on Additional Dates and Deadlines
07.04.2022 Updated Information on the Registration
07.04.2022 Information on Social Programme and Student Grants
17.02.2022 Information on Accommodation and Travel
28.01.2022 Submission Deadlines Extended

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