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Department of Mathematics

25th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2022):
12-16 September 2022, Bayreuth, Germany

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Information for Remote Presentations

[updates since July are marked in blue]

Default presentation mode

The default mode for remote presentations is a live presentation via Zoom. As a fallback solution, we strongly recommend that speakers also upload a pre-recorded video file of their talk

until Sunday, 4 September 2022.

This provides a fallback solution for the session chair if the network connection should be interrupted during your online presentation. Technical staff in the lecture or seminar room will assist with the presentation of the video. Details on the uploading procedure will be posted here soon.
We emhasize that the uploaded video is only intended as a fallback solution. In order to guarantee a vivid conference experience, we encourage all speakers to give their talk as a live presentation. There will be no recordings of the online presentations.

Video production and upload

Videos should not exceed the length of 20 min in order to allow time for Q&A after your talk. The length of the slot for the talk, questions, answers and change of speakers is 25 min.

Video upload

We will provide individual links and brief instructions for the upload of your remote talk from early July until 4 September.
Please upload your video file in the corresponding folder which is shared for your session, i.e. a folder for contributed talks and one for each hybrid invited session (part). We advise you to use the following naming convention for your file:

(e.g., "Mo_AM_H20.5" as session id with the talk number in the session)
Please do not use special characters (e.g., accents, whitespaces, etc. in the filename).

The video file can be updated until the deadline. You can overwrite your existing file if present. The video file will not be visible for other conference attendees.

Video format

Our recommendation is to record a Zoom session showing your slides in the main window and you as the speaker in a smaller additional window. This automatically fulfills the most important requirements for a problem-free presentation.
If you use a different video recording software, please ensure that the following requirements for the video format are met:

  • maximal length of the video is 20 min
  • maximal file size 2 GB
  • mp4 container/file format
  • 1080p full HD with 16:9/widescreen aspect ratio, i.e., resolution 1920x1080
  • 25 - 30 fps
  • H264 Video (aac Audio)
  • target bitrate = data rate: <= 10 Mbit

Additional recording recommendations

Please check that you are a visible in a small window besides the presentation and the brightness of the lighting is sufficient. Try to avoid blending light sources (windows, lamps, ...).

Use the best available microphone that you have and speak in the direction of the microphone to ensure a good audio quality. Try to eliminate other noise sources.

Please check yourself the audio and video quality of your recording before uploading the video.

All of your materials must respect copyrights for all content: music, images, and videos.

Zoom rooms for online presentations

Links to the Zoom sessions for each hybrid invited session will be published here in due time and can exclusively be used by speakers in the corresponding hybrid invited session.
For contributed remote talks use the link to the Zoom session of your lecture or seminar room.

Each Zoom session has a waiting room. The link to the corresponding Zoom session can be found in the list below by the session numbers for hybrid invited sessions or by the room number for contributed remote talks.
Technical staff will assist the session chair and will allow your participation. Please note that there is no camera for showing the audience but there will be room microphones allowing the audience to ask questions.

In a hybrid invited sessions, all talks given via the laptop computer provided by the conference will be accessible remotely via the Zoom link. If speakers use their own laptops, we cannot gurantee that the live streaming will work properly.

Links to Zoom sessions for contributed remote talks

Links to Zoom sessions for contributed remote talks will be provided here one week before the conference.

Webmaster: Dr. Robert Baier

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